Babestation Erotica: The Rise Of Becky Blanco

The bacon sizzled in the pan and the smell of four crispy rashers filled her nostrils as Rachel swiped her mobile phone to the open email, she had left behind her lock screen:

Hi Rachel, Welcome to Babestation,

Login with the button/link below and continue your application.


Thanks, The Babestation Team.

Clicking the link, Rachel opened a new webpage:


The Essentials

Stage Name: (Your stage name will be your publicly visible name it needs to be at least 2 separate words.)

She looked up from reading and stared thoughtfully for several minutes until her contemplation was suddenly pierced by the fire alarm. She sprang into action and hastily lay four extra crispy bacon rashers between two slices of buttered bread then wrapped them up and placed them inside a plastic Tupperware box.

Upstairs, in her bedroom, Rachel packed the sandwiches along with the last of her things into her bag then checked herself in the mirror. She was about to leave when she stopped to look at herself a little longer. She stared at her reflection, taking in every inch of her body, standing on her tip toes and studying the curve of her hips round her shapely bottom wrapped in tight jeans. She lifted her thick wool jumper to expose her 34CC breasts and noticed the way they sat ever so slightly apart before lowering her jumper and leaning forwards to analyse her face. How the blue of her eyes was offset by hints of green and how the definition of her top lip resembled a cupids bow, (she’d always been secretly proud of that particular feature).

She swiped her phone open to view the application page once again, scrolling down to read the other required fields of the Babestation application. Suddenly her phone vibrated in her hand, it was Jake. She answered it, “Hiya”

“Hey, you on your way?” Jake said.

“Yeah, I was just…sorry I lost track of time, I’m on my way now.”

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just getting ready”

“You’re not looking at that Babestation thing again, are you?”

“No, I was just…”

“Because I thought we’d talked about this, I just don’t think….”

“I wasn’t! I was just finishing your surprise, hope you’re hungry!”

“Mmm, starving! Alright, well I’m gonna jump in the shower, let yourself in when you get here.”

“OK, love ya, bye”. Rachel hung up the phone, gathered everything she needed and headed out the door. Three tube stops and a short walk later, she arrived at the main entrance of Jake’s apartment building. She climbed the two flights of stairs and let herself into his apartment. The water could be heard coming from Jake’s en-suite. As she approached his bedroom, Rachel dropped her bag and left her shoes in the hallway, she took off her socks then pulled her jumper over her head and threw it onto Jake’s bed. She then loosened her jeans, pulled them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She was now completely naked. (She never was one for wearing underwear.)

Rachel opened the shower door and stepped inside as Jake turned around with surprise. She smiled as she playfully grabbed his cock and started to gently squeeze. Their lips met in a passionate kiss as the water cascaded down both their faces. She felt Jake throb with excitement as he steadily engorged in her firm grip. He looked at her with lust in his eyes. For a brief moment time stood completely still as he took her all in. The soft contours of her face and plump lips, perfectly framed by her tousled wavy hair. Warm water poured over Rachel’s perky breasts and down her toned midriff and continued over her perfectly shaven pussy. Jake took Rachel’s face in his hands and kissed her again. His tongue moved gently in and out of her mouth, sliding tenderly against her tongue while his hands explored her soft back and succulent round ass. She had always loved the way he explored her curves. It turned her on to be so free with him and felt a sense of great excitement at being so exposed and so adored.

Jake placed his hands on Rachel’s hips and slowly lowered himself to his knees, not breaking eye contact with her. As the warm water surged down her back Jake parted her legs and kissed her inner thigh. Rachel let out a moan as she ran her manicured nails through his wet hair. She edged her hips forward, motioning for Jake to eat her pussy but he took his time, teasing her even more. He kissed her pussy lips and planted a gentle kiss on her clit. Rachel let out a loud groan of excitement.

‘Mmm, are you getting nice and wet for me?’, Jake asked as Rachel’s body quivered with anticipation.

‘I want it so bad’, Rachel said in breathy tones.

Jake enveloped Rachel’s pussy with his mouth. Rachel let out a deep sigh. He pushed his tongue inside her, tasting her juices. He placed his hand on her lower abdomen and gently used his thumb to pull softly on Rachel’s clitoral hood, exposing her clitoris. He flicked his tongue over Rachel’s swollen clit before wrapping his lips around it and gently sucking while Rachel’s grip on the back of his head got more forceful. Jake guided his middle finger into Rachel’s tight pussy as he kept the sucking momentum on her clit. Rachel’s breaths got heavier. Jake could feel Rachel’s pussy tightening around his finger and he could tell that she was close to climax. Rachel gasped as she thrust her wet pussy harder on Jake’s lips and tongue. Jake’s chin was practically dripping in Rachel’s juices and he did his best to lap up as much as he could. His cock was rock hard and ready for action.

“I want you to fuck my wet cunt”, Rachel said softly.

Jake loved it when Rachel talked dirty. He turned her round so her back was facing him with her hands flat on the tiled wall. Jake grabbed his hard cock and guided himself into Rachel’s pussy. She moaned as he entered her. The shower was so steamy he could barely see her but his heightened sense of touch sent tingles all over Rachel’s receptive body. He slid his hands up and over her thighs and up towards her breasts. Her nipples were so hard and sensitive she struggled to catch her breath as he played with them.

“Harder”, Rachel squealed

Jake fucked her faster and he could feel the blood rushing from his head. He felt euphoric. Jake grabbed Rachel’s hips and kept her still as he felt himself cumming. “Oh yeah!” He moaned as his dick started to pulse and pump his load inside her, “Oh My God! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh BECKY!”

“Oh God yeah! OH…Wait, what!?” Rachel straightened out and turned to face Jake.

“What?” He asked

“You just said Becky!?”

“What no, why would I…?”

“Erm yeah you did, you just said Becky, WHO THE FUCK IS BECKY!?”

Rachel pushed Jake away from her and hurriedly exited the shower, grabbing a towel and putting it round her.

“Babe, I don’t know what…why would I? Did I really say…”

“Who the fuck is Becky!?” Rachel demanded, her anger and confusion rising with every second.

“I didn’t…I…I don’t even…I…I…” He stammered.

“Jake, cut the shit, who the fuck is Becky? Fucking tell me now!” She demanded

Jake took a deep breath and in a whimpering voice started to explain himself. Something about his manager at work, been going on for almost a year, no apologies, no begging for forgiveness. Rachel could only make out bits and pieces over the sound of her own heart beating out of her chest while her blood boiled and her disgust turned her stomach into knots and she tried to supress the ever-rising urge to vomit. She quickly got dressed, put her shoes on and grabbed her bag.

“Babe please, let’s talk about this” Jake stumbled after her.

“Don’t babe me you fucking snake!” With that, Rachel took the tupperware box containing his sandwiches out her bag and with tears in her eyes, launched it at Jake’s head.

“FUCK YOU!” She shouted as Jake ducked and the plastic box smashed into a framed picture of the two of them, that was hung up on the wall. The picture came off it’s hook and crashed to the floor, shattering the glass into a million pieces. Rachel slammed the door behind her and didn’t look back.


It had been almost a week and Rachel had barely made it out of bed. Only bathroom breaks and Deliveroo had interrupted her days filled with nothing but crying and sleeping. This day however she managed to make it as far as her kitchen and upon returning to her bedroom with a fresh mug of tea, she looked around to survey the wreckage of that sickening day that had turned her world upside down. Her head shook and her heart sank as her eyes scanned the room. Broken picture frames and Jake’s torn clothes drowned in a sea of empty takeaway boxes. The cinders of an attempted bonfire in her little waste paper bin. The remnants of all Jake’s love letters, she had ignited while delirious with heartbreak and rage before hastily extinguishing before her whole bedroom went up in flames.

Eventually Rachel’s gaze rested upon her laptop which had survived the massacre and was sitting invitingly on her desk. She took a sip of tea, opened the bedroom curtains to let the midday light through and waded through the takeaway boxes to the desk and turned the laptop on. She opened her emails, deleted any and all with the name ‘Jake’ in the inbox then opened the one marked, ‘Babestation’, clicking the link to reach that familiar application page. After a short while her application was finished…except one field:

Stage Name: (Your stage name will be your publicly visible name it needs to be at least 2 separate words.)

She thought about it for a long time. Leaning back in her chair, staring at herself in the mirror then it hit her. A wry smile began to spread from the corner of her mouth, the very faintest of movement, barely perceptible but never the less, the first time her lips had turned upwards in what felt like forever. She typed the letters in slowly, deliberately: B – E – C – K – Y and sent off the application.


The rest of the month flew by. Rachel had just started re-decorating her apartment when she got the call from Babestation to arrange the date for her trial shift and by the time that was complete the big night had all but snuck up on her. She arrived at the doors of the studio, planted her feet in front of the doors and rang the buzzer. She was there, she was finally about to cross the threshold into the Babestation studios and fulfil an ambition that had been a long time in the making.

The door was answered by the security guard and Rachel was instructed to sign in. Just as she finished, she heard a friendly male voice approach her, “You must be Rachel”, the voice said. Rachel turned around to see a tall, dark, handsome man in his twenties approach with his hand out, “Yeah that’s me” she says.

“I’m Chris, nice to meet you”. They shook hands and he led her up the stairs. As they approached the main studio the hustle and bustle from within could be heard getting louder and louder. Lively music, layered beneath the chatter and hum of what sounded like a hundred phone sex conversations happening all at the same time. Chris led Rachel into the centre of the main studio. “So…this is it” … he stood next to her and let her soak it all in.

The atmosphere was electric; buzzing with energy. The large, open studio space was divided into various different sets of differing sizes and themes. Each had a camera on a wheeled tri-pod and a Producer operating the camera close by. As she looked around the room, trying to take it all in Rachel noticed a traditional bedroom set complete with four poster bed being used by a long-legged brunette, laid on her back, completely naked with a phone in one hand, making excited moaning noises and rubbing her fingers over her shaved pussy while a producer operated a steady cam, standing over her, panning his camera all over her body.

From there, Rachel looked over to the set with a large blue and pink chunky, padded armchair as it’s centre piece. The chair was big enough to comfortably hold the two blonde babes with huge fake breasts, who were sharing a phone between them and caressing each other’s bodies, kissing and licking each other’s tits as they spoke to their caller. Rachel stared at their performance until their producer handed one of them a microphone saying, “This is great girls, you’re looking fantastic, can I get you to do a quick picture sale please, OK, MIC LIVE, 3, 2, 1!” And with that, one of the blondes launched into an on-camera sale for their girl-on-girl pictures featuring her and her partner posing naked together.

On the other side of the room, one petite babe with small pert tits stepped off her set, completely naked and glistening, covered in baby oil, replaced by a slightly older MILF type with black hair who wore a tight, black, shiny, PVC dress. As the MILF stepped onto set, she slapped her producer playfully on the bum before changing her demeanour completely to become a serious dominatrix character once in front of the camera.

Rachel’s anticipation kicked in an intensely exciting way as the workings of Babestation’s peak hour washed over her. From the smell of perfume, baby oil, leather and latex filling her nostrils to the sight of so many scantily clad women writhing around in front of camera, simulating some wild sex acts and positions, the likes of which she’d never seen before. After the overwhelming sounds started to come a little more into focus, Rachel started to notice snippets of the girl’s conversations with their callers as they spoke on the phone…

“Push my arse cheeks up, spread them and lick my arse hole.”

“Have you got that big cock ready for me baby?”

“I want to taste your cum off my face.”

“Fuck my tight arse baby, that’s it.”

“Keep licking my pussy baby, that’s right”

Chris turned to Rachel, “Pretty crazy huh?”

“Yeah.” She gulped.

“Here, take a seat, take this…” He sat her down on an empty chaise lounge and handed her a phone, “I want you to listen in to a conversation, get a feel for it before you start. You’ll be listening to Lynette, she’s just over there” He pointed at a brunette in her late twenties, with large natural breasts, standing near a bed which was surrounded by coloured LED lights. She had just finished a call and was preparing for her next. Rachel put the phone to her ear and listened in to Lynette’s new caller connect…

“Hello sexy”, Lynette said in a seductive tone.

“Show me your big tits”, the caller replied in an impatient, and slightly breathless manner.

“Whoa there, big boy. Slow down. I want to take my sweet time with you”, said Lynnette, undeterred.

“First I’m going to sit you down and take a step back so you can take in every inch of my body. Soak up my hourglass curves”. Lynette performed a slow and seductive twirl then continued, “Now I want you to slowly start stroking your cock over your trousers as I slide off my black dress”

Rachel listened and watched intently as Lynette directed and controlled the call. An unexpected jolt of arousal permeated from deep inside and spread throughout her body in a gentle wave of sexual excitement.

The caller moaned with anticipation as Lynette slowly did as she described, exposing her black lace underwear and nylon stockings. Rachel was transfixed.

Lynette continued, “Is your cock hard for me baby? I want you to slide your hands inside your boxers and grab that rock hard cock. Do I look sexy in my lace lingerie? I bet you’d love to fuck me right now wouldn’t you”

Rachel’s heart started to flutter. The caller was moaning but Rachel’s focus was purely on Lynette.

Lynette went on, “Now I’m going to walk slowly towards you and straddle you.” She stared deeply into the camera then moved the phone close to her mouth before whispering softly into it, “Unhook my bra for me”. Lynette then unhooked her bra and let it fall off in front of her, exposing her perfect breasts. “Touch them, put your hands on my big tits” Lynette gently squeezed her tits. The camera slowly zoomed in on the action, then slowly zoomed out as she flicked her nipple. “Take your time flicking your tongue over my nipple. Mmmm, I love that!”

Rachel was in awe. So many thoughts and feelings swirled around inside her. Was it Lynette that was turning her on? Was it the voyeurism? The thrill that felt like spying on a secret rendezvous between a couple? Or maybe it was the thought that she would soon be doing this herself, stripping and performing for the first time! Far from freaking her out, the prospect was a rush and she felt another surge of energy in her genitals, fuelling the flame of her arousal.

Rachel got out of her own head to see Lynette was now kneeling on the bed with her bra off and nipples fully erect. She seemed to be just as turned on as her caller. She slowly removed her knickers and as she pulled them down, Rachel started to feel her own pussy getting moist.

Producer Chris leaned in, “Lynette’s camera will stay positioned just above her pussy so the caller and the other TV viewers won’t be able to see her pussy unless they take her private or watch her Pervcam feed” Rachel was barely listening to Chris. She was too excited by what was happening in front of her.

Lynette kicked it up a gear, “Look at my beautiful shaved pussy. I shaved it just for you. I love it when a guy tastes my smooth, freshly shaved pussy. I’m going to stand on your sofa with my feet either side of you and I want you to taste my juicy moist cunt”.

The caller was now fully immersed, “Oh my god, I want to tongue fuck you so bad”

“Mmmm yeah, Suck my clit! Slide two fingers into my tight hole as you flick your tongue over my fucking clit. I’m going to grab the back of your head and keep you down there until I cum…”

“Yeah I want my face covered in your juices” Said the caller.

Rachel could not take her eyes off Lynette. She watched her stroke her pussy and flaunt her flawless naked curves in a room full of cameras and cameramen. Her confidence was empowering.

“Oh yeah baby, you are too good at eating pussy. You’re going to make me cum.” Lynette said as she rubbed her clit, thrusted her hips forward and let out huge moan of pleasure. Her hips and pussy twitched as she reached orgasm. The caller’s arousal got more intense along with her.

Lynette turned her attention back to the camera, “Mmmm, now it’s your turn! Give me that hard cock, I want you to fuck my slutty little mouth”

The caller responded excitedly, “Fuck yes, take that dick”

“Watch me wrap my eager lips around your cock while I wank you off. I fucking love sucking dick.”

“Yeah, I can see that”

Lynette moved close to the camera and licked her lips. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, allowing a dribble of spit to drip down onto her tits.

The caller’s hand movements could be heard as he panted, “Ah fuck, keep going”

“You know, I don’t have a gag reflex. I can take your entire cock in my mouth”. With that she winked at the camera and reached two fingers so far down her throat that she reached the bottom knuckle of her middle finger.

“Yeah that’s it I’m so close…” The caller groaned.

Lynette turned around and bent over so her ass faced the camera. “Not before you’ve been inside me”. The Producer hastened to change the camera angle to just above her ass crease while the Pervcam feed was directed straight at her wet, pink pussy. In the studio however, Rachel was getting the full uncensored view.

“I want you to fuck me over your dining room table” Lynette said to her caller, sensing he was almost done.

“Oh fuck! I want to spank your ass as I fuck you” The caller said, close to his climax

Lynette spread her ass cheeks. Her eyes, glanced away from the camera for a second and landed on Rachel, she winked at her then looked back to her camera. Lynette then spreads her dripping wet pussy lips with two fingers. The caller’s moans got even louder. He sounded like he was going to explode.

“Mmmm yeah, fuck me. Fill me up. I want your hot cum dripping out of my wet pussy. Creampie that dirty pussy!” Lynette said encouragingly.

The caller let out a long moan as he blew his load. He caught his breath and said his thank-yous and goodbyes. Lynette put her lingerie back on and said, “You are so welcome sexy. Come back any time you’re feeling horny…”

Chris returned to take the phone off Rachel but she could only stare at Lynette who smiled and raised one eyebrow at Rachel in a seductive and flirty way before taking her next caller and turning her attention back to her camera. Chris’s voice snapped Rachel out of her trance, “So!? Reckon you’re still up for it then?” Rachel stood up, feeling the warm wetness inside her panties. She looked at Chris and smiled, “When do I start?”

Chris smiles, “Follow me.”


Rachel was led into the girl’s changing room. Open suitcases and bags littered the room, each one bursting with underwear, bikinis, lingerie and sexy themed outfits of every conservable colour and style. High heeled shoes and boots were scattered about. Some of the girls were undressing, changing outfits some sat in front of lightbulb framed mirrors and applied their make-up. They all chatted and laughed among themselves. Chris and Rachel walked in and Chris tried to make himself heard, “Ladies we have a new starter with us tonight, I want you all to meet Becky.”

Rachel looked confused and looked at Chris, she thought for a second that Chris had got her confused with someone else. Then she realised what name she’d put on her application. ‘I guess I’m Becky now.’ She thought. It didn’t matter anyway, the hustle and bustle in the changing room was so loud that the girls barely acknowledged them. Chris turned to Becky “You’ll be fine, set yourself up over here and I’ll see you when you’re ready.”

Becky took a seat in front of the mirror and took out her make-up bag. The girl sitting next to her turned and smiled at her. She was already covered in heavy make-up and spoke with a thick Essex accent as she rubbed a roll-on deodorant under her armpits “Hi I’m Cassidy”

“Rache- errr, Becky” She replied

“Becky yeah?”


“Hi babe, this is Shinade”.

Another, equally colourful blonde leaned in and said, “Hi”

“Hi” Becky nodded back.

“Takes a while to get used to it all innit?” Said Cassidy before spraying her body with deodorant.

Becky nodded, “Yeah it does”

“When I first arrived, I kept telling everyone my real name for ages cos I thought I was gonna use my real name. Till they said it was better to change it. But I think my real name sounds more glamorous anyway you know what I mean?” Said Cassidy

“What’s your real name?” Becky asked.

“Bunny May”

Becky nodded and smiled. Cassidy sniffed her armpits and applied more roll-on deodorant, “So what made you choose Becky for a name?”

At this point Shinade leaned in again, “Sorry if she’s being annoying.” Shinade said.

Becky laughed, “No, no, she’s not”

Cassidy pushed Shinade back into her seat playfully “What!? I’m breaking the ice!”

Becky thought on her answer for a second then said, “I chose Becky because…that’s the name my cheating ex-boyfriend screamed while he was cumming inside me.” Cassidy, Shinade and a couple of other girls who overheard, all stopped what they were doing, “No way!” Cassidy said,

“What a prick” said another one of the girls.

Becky continued, “It’s ok…I mean, it’s not OK but you know, I’m over it now. I’m over him. He was an arse hole. Really controlling. He never would have let me come here. Always wanted me to conform to his idea of what I should be and I thought I loved him so I went along with it. So, when I finally decided to send my application, I chose the name Becky because it reminds me of all the things I can do, rather than living for someone who never appreciated me to begin with, you know?”

Nobody said anything for a few seconds then the silence was broken by Shinade who said, “Well, if that doesn’t call for a shot, I don’t know what does!” She poured a shot of vodka into a glass and Becky drank it. Cassidy jumped up and put her arm around Becky, “Come on, let me introduce you to the girls.”


By the time Becky made it back into the studio, word had spread about what she’d said in the changing room and she was greeted by everyone like a conquering hero. Her initial reaction was to freeze and shy away but that, she thought, is what Rachel would do. This applause was for Becky and Becky can hold her head up confidently. She smiled and nodded and as the cheers died down and the work resumed, Chris approached Becky, “Becky! We all heard about it! Wow, I gotta say, that’s hardcore, I got a lot of time for that, so cool. Anyway, you ready to crack on? You look fantastic.”

She was wearing a classic blue lingerie set, with high stripper heels, her hair was straight and her make-up was simple but gave her a sexiness that she’d never seen in herself before. She nodded and Chris showed her to the set she’d be using. One of the beds with purple and blue panels on the walls and coloured lights around the edges of the bed frame. “This’ll only be for an hour or so, just wanna see how you look on screen and handle your calls.” Chris said. Becky was just about to get into position in front of the camera when one of the producers on a neighbouring set suddenly approached Chris and whispered in his ear, Chris nodded to him and signalled for Becky to come back. Becky did so and Chris explained to her, “Right, slight change of plan, I was going to put you on for a solo section but instead of that, would you be interested in joining one of the other girls for a two-for-one section?” Becky felt the floor drop out of her stomach; she didn’t know what to say. Chris continued, “I know it’s dropping you in at the deep end slightly but you’ll be in safe hands, we’re going to put you on with Lynette.” Becky looked over to the other set where Lynette was in the throes of passion with her current caller, writhing about naked on the bed with the phone held to her ear. Becky nodded and tried to look unfazed as she approached Lynette’s set with Chris. Chris handed Becky over to the producer of the channel, Dave.

“Hi Becky, I’m Dave” Dave said before re-adjusting the camera angle on Lynette. “So, what we’re gonna do is, after Lynette’s finished on this call, I’m gonna get you on screen to join her and we’ll get you both sharing the phone, kind of a two for one sort of thing, like a threesome phone line, you up for that?”

Becky shrugged and nodded, “Yeah, no problem” Lynette’s call ended and as she put her bra back on, Becky joined her on the bed. Becky smiled at her, “Hi”

“HI” Lynette smiled back and Becky sat next to her,

“Right!” Dave leaned in, “Lynette can you introduce Becky on for me?”

“Yeah sure” Lynette replied.

“Great, so this is Becky, just introduce her and let them know what’s going on, you two sharing the phone. Becky, what’s your second name?”

“Second name?” Becky asked looking confused.

“Yeah, it’s usually better if you have two names, helps with developing a bit more of your character, differentiates you from anybody else.”

“I don’t know I don’t really have a second name, I never really thought about it.”

“OK,” Dave says, “No problem.” He thinks on it for a second, “Becky…Becky Bee, Becky Buh, I reckon something beginning with ‘B’ cos it sounds better you know, like Peter Parker or Clark Kent, maybe something Spanish? We have a lot of girls who like to use Spanish sounding surnames, Mendez, Garcia, Martinez, we could give you something like Brava or B-”

“But I’m not Spanish.” Becky interrupts, “My family are all British, white, boring.”

“White…. Hmmmm… hey, white could be good, white, like you know fresh, like a blank page, a fresh start. I heard your story, one of the girls told me about your ex. What if maybe white could be a thing, what do you think?”

Becky smiled and nodded, “Yeah, maybe.”

Dave’s eyes widened, he turned to one of the other producers behind the camera on the other side of the studio, “Hey Manny” He shouted, “What’s the Spanish word for white?”

“Blanco!” Manny shouted back without looking up from his camera.

Dave raised his hands up in triumph and he looked at Becky, “What do you think… Becky Blanco!?

Becky thought about it for a second and said, “Yeah I like it.”

“BECKY BLANCO IN THE HOUSE!” Shouted Dave and before she knew it, Becky was pulled in tight, by Lynette.

Live on TV, the lights were hot and blinding, it took a few seconds to get used to them. Lynette was talking on the mic, introducing ‘Becky Blanco’, the newest addition to the Babestation night show before explaining everything about their ‘threesome phone line’ and how to get involved. While she spoke Becky couldn’t help but notice Lynette’s flawless skin and impossibly high cheekbones, the way her breasts sat so firm in her bra. Suddenly Becky felt Lynette squeeze her hand and she was snapped out of her stare. Lynette had finished on the mic and it was now time to take their first call together. The phone made it’s usual ‘Bing-bong’ sound in Lynette’s hand just before connecting with the caller, Becky leaned in and was about to say hello when she felt Lynette’s mouth close to her ear and with a soft whisper that made her heart skip a beat she said, “By the way, this was my idea.”

Lynette planted a soft kiss on Becky’s lips, sending electricity pulsing through Becky’s body. Becky reciprocated, slipping her tongue into her mouth and feeling Lynette drop the phone and place both hands on the small of her back, pulling her closer towards her. Both Becky and Lynette were so immersed in the moment, that they forget all about the caller waiting on the phone.

“Psst, psst, the phone”, Dave whispered.

‘Oops’. Lynette said, breaking away from the kiss and smiling at Becky before turning her attention to the phone, “Hey Baby, you’re through to Lynette and Becky what can we do for you tonight?”

“Well…” Said the well-spoken gent on the other end of the phone, “…you can start by continuing on from that kiss.”

Lynette pressed the speakerphone button, dropped the phone beside them then fixed Becky with a carnal look. “Your wish Is my command” Becky’s body tingled with anticipation.

Lynette leaned in to kiss Becky again, only this time it was more forceful and passionate. Lynette slid her hands over Becky’s hips and up her soft body to cup her breasts. Becky let out a moan of pleasure and grabbed Lynette’s firm ass, pulling her closer.

“Let’s get Becky more comfy”, Lynette said, in the direction of the caller, listening on speakerphone.

“Mmm yes, please do” the caller groaned.

Lynette invited Becky to lie on her back with her head positioned towards the camera. Lynette then laid down next to Becky and used her hands to explore Becky’s body, caressing her breasts, stomach and inner thighs. Becky craved more. Her legs started to open and Lynette knew exactly what Becky needed. Lynette motioned Dave to point the camera at Becky’s face.

Lynette planted soft kisses on Becky’s neck and slowly started to kiss down her body towards her lower stomach and pelvis. Becky arched her back, gesturing for Lynette to go further. Lynette positioned herself between Becky’s legs and started to caress and kiss Becky’s inner thighs, over her panties. Lynette put her mouth over Becky’s pussy and applied pressure. Becky thrusted upwards, moaning with pleasure.

“Shall I take them off”, Lynette whispered in Becky’s ear, with her fingers already hooked around her G string.

Becky bit her bottom lip and nodded. While out the corner of her eye she noticed the camera was firmly fixed on her, capturing the moment for the viewing audience to watch. The thought of this only spurred Becky on more.

Lynette pulled Becky’s knickers down slowly passed her smooth ass and toned legs until they pinged over Becky’s toes and Lynette let out a cheeky giggle.

Now totally naked from the waist down, Becky lay on the bed with her legs open and Lynette leant on her elbows between Becky’s legs, her face inches away from Becky’s warm wet pussy. Becky’s body ached with the thrill of what was happening, desperate for more. Lydia leant in further and blew warm air onto Becky’s pussy before allowing her tongue to graze over her clit. “Mmmmmm”, Becky groaned with excitement.

“Keep the camera on her face”, Lydia said seductively to Dave.

Becky, was immersed in the sensation. Her head was whirring at what was taking place. She’d never had a lesbian experience before and even though she’d always thought it would be something she would explore in the future, she never imagined that her first time would be like this.

Lynette closed her eyes and wrapped her lips over Becky’s throbbing clit and felt her wetness coating her chin. She gently sucked as Becky’s moans intensified.

Lynette took two fingers and slid them deep inside Becky while still maintaining the sucking motion on her clit. Becky thrusted towards Lynette’s face and gestured for her to keep going. Her breathing got heavier and deeper.

Lynette’s lipstick was all over Becky’s pussy and halfway up Lynette’s cheek. The warmth and smell of sex in the air even got Dave hot under the collar. He maintained his shot firmly on Becky’s face as she continued to get her pussy eaten while the caller’s muffled groans could still be heard through the phone, resting on the bed beside Becky, partially covered by her moist knickers.

“Ahhhh yeah, eat her pussy”, the caller moaned, on the brink of climax.

Lynette’s sucking of Becky’s engorged clit intensified and she slid a third finger into Becky’s hungry pussy. Becky let out a huge moan…

“I’m going to cum….oh my GODDDDDDD!!!!” Becky screamed, bucking like a bronco. Her body convulsing with ecstasy as she orgasmed. Lynette had to pin Becky’s hips down with her free hand just so she could maintain contact with her pussy. It was one of the most intense orgasms Becky had ever experienced. Her body continued to pulse and jolt for at least a minute. Lynette slowly came up from Becky’s pussy with a huge, very wet grin on her face.

“That was yummy”, Lynette said to Dave while Becky lay panting on the bed.

“We hope you enjoyed that”, Lynette said down the phone….

The caller hung up and Lynette, turned to Becky who was still a little dazed from what had just happened, “Hey, you ok?” Becky turned her head towards Lynette and between deep breathes said, “I could do this all night.”

The rest of Becky’s first night at Babestation went by in a blur. Call after call, some more with Lynette, some on her own on different sets, wearing different outfits. By the time it was over, she didn’t know what to feel; exhilarated, exhausted, horny, satisfied, relieved, happy. She decided to let herself be everything all at once and as she gathered her things and said her goodbyes, she knew one thing above all else, she would be back again.

Rachel signed out at reception and stepped out the main doors and into the crisp white light of the new day. It was almost 6am and while the rest of the world was waking up, she also felt like a part of her had woken up from a deep sleep. She felt the same but somehow different. She was still Rachel but she was also something else now. She was Becky Blanco. She was a Babestation Babe. And today was the first day of the rest of her life.

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